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Porto Rotondo

Magical place immersed in the nature of the Costa Smeralda

Luxury villas, lifestyle, paradisiacal beaches, Porto Rotondo represents a valid alternative to Porto Cervo for your holidays in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia.

Prestigious tourist resort in the Municipality of Olbia, from which it is only 15 kilometers away, it is therefore particularly convenient for its proximity to the Costa Smeralda international airport and the ferry ports of Olbia and Golfo Aranci which is less than 10 km away.
The Porto Rotondo area measures approximately 500 hectares between the Gulf of Cugnana and that of Golfo Aranci,
technically Porto Rotondo is not part of the Costa Smeralda, but it is commonly assimilated both for its proximity and for the type of holiday and quality of services.

Geographically, the area of ​​Porto Rotondo is formed by an alternation of bays of crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and peaks of the territory.
Not far from the coast we find splendid islets such as Soffi and Mortorio, while further north is the famous archipelago of La Maddalena with the splendid islands of Spargi and Budelli.

Porto Rotondo, although counting only 1,000 inhabitants during the winter, reaches 30,000 admissions in August, located between luxury villas on the sea, apartments, residences and 5-star hotels, located between the Gulf of Cugnana and that of Marinella.

The birth of Porto Rotondo, which took place in 1964 by the will of the counts Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose (noble Venetian family) who wanted to create not the typical tourist resort but an elite village for their relatives and friends, safeguarding the environment and at the same time giving the opportunity to spend their holidays without the need to use cars.
The village of Porto Rotondo in fact develops around the port and includes in the immediate vicinity, paradisiacal beaches, clubs, restaurants and all the necessary services, offering for an accurate design choice an ideal solution for your holidays.

Architecturally Porto Rotondo was built inspired by Venice, not surprisingly, the main square, also round, is called Piazza San Marco and was designed by Andrea Cascella, one of the numerous artist friends of the Venetian family who contributed to beautify the village with numerous works of art in the open air, making it unique.

Also in Porto Rotondo, as well as in Porto Cervo and throughout the Costa Smeralda, the great love for nature of the respective founders and the skills of the architects have preserved a wonderful natural environment.
The center of Porto Rotondo consists of a majestic tourist port with around 650 berths, surrounded by prestigious apartments alternating with vast green areas and small woods which make it truly pleasant.
Not far from the center, the buildings are extremely scattered throughout the territory and mainly consist of villas and small villas surrounded by large gardens.

By requiring the construction of low-impact buildings, especially when viewed from the sea, a feature emphasized by the maintenance of native plants such as juniper trees.
In Porto Rotondo nothing is missing for a luxury holiday full of nature and fun not even for families, even with children and teenagers who can enjoy unspoiled nature in complete tranquility.
The white sandy beaches with shallow and gently sloping sandy bottoms in calm and emerald crystal waters, combined with the presence of high-level services represent the best you could wish for family holidays.

Since the beginning Porto Rotondo has been chosen as a good retreat by Italian noble and industrial families of which the best known is Silvio Berlusconi with the famous Villa Certosa but not the only one, the list would be very long and emblazoned.

High level tourist port with 600 berths, also for mega-yachts

Works of art: (take photos with details, as on the consortium website and a description)

- Pizza San Marco - Andrea Cascella (sculptor of marble and granite …….)
- Church of San Lorenzo Mario Ceroli, Andrea Cascella, dotted with works of art including: sculpture of the << Last judgment >>
- Porto Rotondo Theater - Mario Ceroli (wood sculptor… ..)
- The Food Chain - Emmanuel Chapalain, famous for its recycled metal sculptures (type of attachment of sheet metal) via del Molo and Via Riccardo Belli
- The fishermen's dock - Giancarlo Sangregorio
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